Pilot services for pilot and non-pilot owners that want only the best!

Corporate Pilot Services

We are the solution for both pilot and non-pilot owners in the Kansas City area. Whether you are a rated pilot and want the added support of a professional and safe pilot to accompany you in your plane, or, you are a non-pilot owner and require a Corporate Pilot, we have you covered! Our commercial rated pilots put safety first and will provide you with incredible service.

Our pilots are proficient in various aircraft covering piston, turbine and jet. Please talk with us about your mission and aircraft to find out how we can help you. We want to match your needs with our commercial rated pilots and will let you know when we can't. Call us at 913-620-2459 for great commercial pilots for hire that will go above and beyond.

We can fly your plane for you or fly with you for business, personal, leisure, maintenance, staging, relocation, ferrying and as a safety pilot. And, we can recommend several great aircraft management services if you need.